We try to work honestly and efficiently, to cook deliciously with a soul

Soy shawarma
Made with Soy Curls, loaded with vegetables, and drizzled with sauce, Vegan Shawarma is lunchtime perfection
Beet burger
Burger with beetroot cutlet and arugula
Fake fish burger
Burger with soy fish substitute (contains phosphorus and calcium)
Surprise burger
We will prepare a burger for you according to your taste at a fixed price. every day is different!
Vanilla burger
Burger with an unusual combination of vanilla syrup and chickpea cutlets
Grilled pineapple
A little bit of coconut sugar, cinnamon and cardamom turn the tropical fruit into a mouthwatering treat. Serve with vegan vanilla ice cream, of course.
Vegan chocolate cake
Here's a dessert for everyone in your crew, no matter their diet. It's vegan, gluten-free, and totally delicious with warming spices and a fluffy vegan buttercream frosting.
Fake fish poke
Refreshing poke with fish substitute and green vegetables
Soy poke
Classic poke with soy meat and white rice